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Books About Santa Cruz County

Please email me with the names of books about Santa Cruz County, and I will be happy to include the information on this page.


  • 300 Years of Tubac Times Compiled by Nancy Valentine. Tubac, AZ. Oct 2002.
  • A Pictorial History: Tubac, Where Art and History Meet The Greenvalley News and Sun, 2006. ISBN 1-59725-057-0
  • Cowboys of Santa Cruz County Photographs by Carter Allen. City Press, Tucson, AZ. 1996. ISBN 0-9655525-1-9
  • Nogales Life and Times on the Frontier Jane Eppinga. Arcadia Publishing. 2002. ISBN 0-7385-2405-0
  • Open Range and Hidden Silver Words and Pictures by Alma Ready. Pimeria Alta Historical Society, 1973. ISBN 0-9617-061-0-4 750
  • They Lived in Tubac. Great West and Indian Series Volume 48 By Elizbeth R. Brownell. Westernlore Press, 1983. ISBN 0-87026-061-8

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